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I've never worked out before so when I started one on one seasons, I was very intimidated. Within moments of working with Holly, I not only felt comfortable but confident in myself. If you're looking for a personal trainer, who will work beside you, give you the tools to achieve your goals and make you walk out wanting more, Holly's right for you!

- Stephanie Sawyer

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Keeping classes going virtually during COVID was a life saver for me and many others. Join the tribe!

- Kellie Cutler

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I've been a member of gyms and other studios for over twenty years. Tahoe Mountain Fitness offers the highest quality group training I've had, and the results speak for themselves. 

- Cynthia Cendreda

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Whatever your fitness goals are, Holly will help you get there. I know I’ve never felt stronger. My sessions with Holly are fun and the time just flies by. Highly recommend!

- Kirsten Kuehne

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LOVE this fitness studio. It has so many classes for every age, body type, and energy.

- @MountainMama

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The gym is always super clean and they are keeping class sizes small to ensure the safety of everyone who comes. I highly recommend TMF to everyone!

- Willow Fierro

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Terrific classes that push you to your limit, keep you healthy, fit, injury free, and COVID safe!!! Grateful to have this as a stress reliever - a place where everyone's smiling and you walk out feeling energetic, happy and ready to face whatever's next.

- Gail Prichard

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There is a synergy in the classes that I can't get anywhere else in Truckee. The TMF tribe has evolved with COVID and has offered fitness in several capacities. Forward thinking is one of their strengths.

- Melissa Curley

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During these difficult times, training has been the one constant that has pro-vided more physical and mental return on my time investment that anything else. Five stars for Holly and Tahoe.

- Gwen Samulski

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