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The TMF Lifestyle

Whether you walk through our doors to use our open gym floor, do your own weight lifting,  take a single class or fully embody the TMF way of living, you have taken a step closer to more holistic health.  With an emphasis on not only fitness but also recovery and healthy eating, all those who walk through our doors will leave a little wiser, a little more energetic, and more prepared to tackle the world.  Contact us to set up a consultation 530-412-3548 (text is best:)

Find Your Niche

Personal Pilates Restoration

Take your healing further with this streamlined method of exercise and rehabilitation. Pilates reformer promotes agility, strength, and alignment to rehabilitate after injury and get you back on your feet. 

Personal Martial Arts Training

Boxing. Karate. Plyometrics. Work with Sensei Jon in countless specializations to get competition ready, learn new techniques, gain a new skill, or just get your aggression out! 

Comprehensive Personal Training

Want to work on strength? mobility? form? We can help you achieve all goals you set your mind to! With expert trainers and an entire facility at your disposal, you will see progress faster than ever before!

Nutrition Coaching/Aid

Sit down with Holly, our certified nutritional coach to measure your nutritional needs and challenges in addition to gaining access to her amazing customized, fresh, healthy & delicious meals (per request).

Progress Tracking & Planning

Don't know where to start? Start at the beginning and map your road to success! Hop on our body composition machine to measure your musculature and bone density to see what your body needs to be its best self. 


Trying to decide whether one-on-one sessions are for you? Have you have ever wanted to hone a skill, reach a goal, or learn proper techniques to avoid injury? If any of these goals sound familiar, you have reached the right place. 


We are here to help you increase cardiovascular endurance, strengthen, tone, rehabilitate, and learn how to fuel your body to become the best version of yourself.

Nutritional Cooking

Nutritional Coaching/Consultation

We are lucky to have the most hands on and knowledgeable nutrition coach in the Tahoe area! Collaborate with Holly Hust to fuel your body correctly, gain a broader understanding of nutrition, and plan your meals ahead of time to live healthier without a second thought! 

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