Pilates is beneficial in so many ways - building strength, recovering from injury, balancing the body. Tahoe Mountain Fitness is Truckee-Tahoe's leading Pilates studio. All of our Pilates instructors are PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) Certified. We offer group, private and semi-private classes. Only top-of-the-line equipment here: Balanced Body Allegra 2's, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel.  


​Brand new to Pilates? Come in for a 30 minute Critical Analysis where one of our experienced instructors can familiarize and customize a Pilates workout that is best for you and your body. Posture analysis, movement assessment and Pilates Reformer basics will be given. We will also guide you into a program that fits your needs and goals. This one-on-one session with a master trainer is highly recommended for ALL new Pilates students. 





30-minute session



Start with a solid foundation.  Pilates 1.0 delivers a safe and effective experience by focusing on form and proper alignment. Mastering Pilates fundamentals will allow a deeper awareness and understanding of the power and strength of the body. This essence builds a strong base to advance from and creates a greater functionality physically for all. Ideal for beginners and works well for those with physical limitations. Great standard for ALL fitness levels.  


Building off of Pilates 1.0's foundation, we dive into more dynamic movements and more complex use of the pilates equipment. Dial up precision and execution of exercises to initiate stronger changes in the body and the mind. Progressions are offered and class rhythm is steady. Coordination, balance, stability and strength will be challenged, elevating your practice and your body and mind.  
*Recommended for those already familiar with basic Pilates Reformer.  


This energetic yet low impact cardio class delivers cardiovascular, core and strength training benefits. The use of the Jumpboard facilitates plyometric movement against spring tension, creating a unique aerobic experience. The use of free weights and resistance bands will tone and define lean muscle... and it's a lot of fun too. Dynamic interval training is utilized to create the most effective and efficient caloric burn. Maximize results in this fun and fast-paced class.  
*Recommended for those who are already familiar with basic Pilates Reformer. This is a Level 1.5 class. 


Stretch & Tone your body in this full body class to lengthen and strengthen your body. A regular stretching routine is beneficial to improve flexibility, range of motion along with reducing soreness and muscle fatigue. Tone your body with movements that will strengthen your back body and posture muscles. 


Fun & variable workout using the Pilates Reformer & various apparatus to strengthen ski & snowboard specific muscle to build endurance & prevent injury.  Big focus on core work, agility, power, balance & explosivity.  


Increase performance, reduce risk of injury and reduce muscle soreness with slow and controlled movement and deep stretching. Use the Reformer and myofascial release tools to lengthen muscles, create much needed space in joints, and increase blood flow throughout the body and mind. Training for a competition or race? Balance your training with Pilates to train harder and recover more quickly. Feel better: longer, lighter and grounded.  


Private and semi-private classes are available! Check out our Private Training page for more details. 


Joseph Pilates created a series of exercises that he designed to build abdominal strength and overall body control over 100 years ago. He was a visionary who struggled himself with ailments and intensely pursued exercises on various pieces of equipment he designed to help himself and others achieve optimal health. Pilates today is a holistic approach to well-being through it's system of exercises that bridge everyday movements and optimal performance. It also bridges the path between rehabilitation and healthy movement. It is adaptable and diverse with over 600 exercises performed on different pieces of apparatus. Pilates is for every body. From the elite athlete to those with restricted ability, it offers an exercise system that enhances all ways of life. As a whole, it develops strong abdominal, back, butt, and deep postural muscles to support the skeletal system and act as what Joseph Pilates called the "powerhouse" of the body. The Pilates Method works to strengthen the center, lengthen the spine, increase body awareness, build muscle tone and gain flexibility. It is also an excellent rehabilitation system for back, knee, hip, shoulder and repetitive stress injuries. Pilates addresses the body as a whole, correcting the body's asymmetries and chronic weaknesses to prevent re-injury and bring the body back to balance.


In 10 sessions you'll feel a difference.

In 20 sessions you'll see a difference.
​In 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body.

-Joseph Pilates