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Hometown: Lodi, CA
Before TMF: Lived in the Lodi-Stockton Ca. area for 20 years, racing motocross and playing competitive baseball. After meeting his wife, they moved to Denver Co. for 3-4 years where he continued to play baseball while his wife attended the University of Denver. They moved back to California in 2003 and decided to start a Family right here in Truckee. Had 2 daughters, which one now works the front desk at TMF and the other is currently a Blue Belt in the Karate program with his Wife. 
In The House of TMF: Craig took up Boxing in July of 2020, training with John Van Roo ever since, helps teach boxing while advancing his own skills in the sport. "Toughest sport I have trained in and nothing will get you in to better shape then boxing"
Fave Class to Teach: Hands up, Boxing!
Fave Class to Take: Les Mills-The Trip!
Guilty Pleasures: Candy, Chips and Pina Coladas!
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